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Nestled in the charming Trout Creek valley near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Lucky 8 Ranch began its journey to reclaim coal-mined land in 2014. Since then, our agriculture crew has worked hard to establish an impressive American Bison operation - we now have over 400 head of our national icon! Not only are these majestic creatures a sight to behold, but they are also incredibly nutritious and flavorful. During summer, they can be found grazing on lush green pastures, while during wintertime, snuggling close to one another, where tons of hay are served up daily for sustenance. 

Lucky 8 Ranch created the perfect experience for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike! In 2018, they opened an agritourism operation to allow visitors to explore 3,000 acres of beautiful Colorado terrain - from lush aspens to rolling hay prairies. Get an up-close look at wildlife with our Steamboat ATV Tours & Steamboat Snowmobile Tours – all educational journeys that let you immerse yourself in Routt County's wild west culture and heritage.

Ready to have your special event in a stunning Colorado setting? Look no further than Lucky 8 Ranch! In 2019 we built a $1 million special events venue with gorgeous views of the Trout Creek valley, Northern Routt County, and the Flatt Tops Wilderness area - all just a 35-minute drive from Steamboat Springs - you'll find yourself surrounded by unparalleled beauty. Our experienced staff is committed to ensuring that each occasion held at our venue becomes an unforgettable memory. 


Our mission is to restore the majestic glory of a once nearly endangered species and reinvigorate rural American soil through sustainable land management. We take pride in partnering with our community to ensure safety while nurturing an eco-friendly environment that produces top-quality red meat products and invigorating guest experiences!

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